"Magdalene Cobija" Outdoor Desert Rider Blanket

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Our "Magdalene Cobija" blanket is no ordinary blanket. It is meant to keep you warm, keep you wild. Its soft tones of light brown and sandy browns, inspires a desert, off road adventure. Travel through the sand or a dirt road, the blanket can with stand the test of time. Strap it on to your bike and ride into the wild. 

It is handmade by women and men in Mexico, made out of 100% recycled fibers and with love. Our passion for giving back allows 10% of each blanket we sell go into a fund to help under-served children in a Orphanage we sponsor in the heart of Mexico City. 

Hand Made in Mexico 

||  7' x 5' handwoven Mexican blanket  

|| Hand Sewed printed Canvas Label

||  Made from 100% recycled fibers